Sunday, May 27, 2007

Iron Maiden at Abbey [+Tour Info & Essay]

If it’s worth doing, then doubly so for doing it twice (another non-real* post).

Point 1: Iron Maiden, that most endurable band that inspired countless other, were part of an UK television series called Live from Abbey Road, a simple yet brilliant idea that showcased bands in an intimate setting. Unfortunately most of the bands were of a bland lot, ala The Goo Goo Dolls. Thankfully, they exited with a bang, showcasing the above musicians. Two things to note: one, it showcases Iron Maiden in a non-arena area in what seems like the first time in forever. Intimate Maiden is a different creature altogether. They have always been an extreme yet subtle band, and such intricacies are definitely notable here. Secondly, the two songs presented below perfectly bridges between their most famous album (The Number of the Beast) to their most recent--and arguably equally acclaimed--LP (A Matter of Life and Death). For the benefit of history two sources shall be presented, the original video from the Abbey website, and those from youtube. Either way, be sure to check the Abbey site to see the photo slide.
Note:Bruce has a cold, hence his red face and less than 100% vocals (still great though).

[Under Artists, then Show 12]

I-Iron Maiden Live at Abbey Road Studio - Interview [02:52 ]

II-Iron Maiden Live at Abbey Road Studio - Hallowed be thy name [08:37 ]

III-Iron Maiden Live at Abbey Road Studio - brighter than a thousand suns [08:29]

Point 2: This is also a perfect example of the forthcoming tour, A Matter of the Beast. 10 songs, five from each of the two above albums. For Non-European readers this may be the closest you (or me) get.

Point 3: Iron Maiden will put you in good company. A new study reported that metal (particularly the Iron Maiden type) is the choice of clever people who try to fit in with being gifted. What does this say about this humble writer? I’ll let the essays speak for themselves:,,2042119,00.html

*=Actually this turned out to be quite real, but I'm far too clever to go back and change that sentence. Oh, wait that's laziness (or judicial editing [?]).

Heavy Metal Magazine [Classic Galleries]

Something to show until better (i.e real) posts come up. There are a variety of images to enjoy but I picked some from the artist I was looking for: Mike Ploog. Enjoy!
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