Sunday, August 26, 2007

Titantic Post to Jim Tyer (by Someone else) [In progress]

Sweet Iron Maiden, this is massive.

I will add comments later. In the meantime enjoy this great guy:

Friday, August 24, 2007

Diamond Head-Live in Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, Nov 21, 1991

Ahh, Diamond Head; the defining name for ultra-NWOBHM devotees(as opposed to band, that being Iron Maiden). They could have been, should have been, and almost were*, the band that hit it huge. But they didn’t. However, they made some great albums in a variety of styles, despite changing rhythm sections a lot. Still, the varied vocals of Sean Harris and the thunderous strings of guitarist Brian Tatler make this concert spectacular. And that’s not to knock drummer Karl Wilcox and bassist Eddie "Chaos" Moohan, these two are hardly swap-logs. And despite not being as metal as they had been in the past --for the most part--the hard rock they espouse here is well crafted and still surprisingly modern.

*Fun fact: At one point Foreigner’s manager came to the UK personally to offer his services. Alas, the band was managed by the Sean’s mother, who responded “Never heard of you”. And so opportunity for the fame they deserved passed them. Pity.

Otherwise, Enjoy!

I-Feels Good (03:16)

II-I Can't Help Myself (03:30)

III-In the Heat Of The Night (04:28)

IV-Calling Your Name (04:04)

V-She Comes Down (03:42)

VI-Sucking My Love (07:00)

VII-Let Me Down Easy (04:05)

VIII-Borrowed Time (05:24)

IX-Run (04:45)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green Apple Swag: Winsor McCay-His Life and Art

Amazing book, and for only ten bucks(Normally fivty five, and supposed to be thirty at the store but I haggled). Well worth it. Though I'm afraid this only shows how far animation has fallen.

Fun quote by McCay:
"Mankind's greatest disease is laziness."

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Holy Smokers (Iron Maiden secret gig TV special) [video]

A lot of rare vides pop up on YouTube, but this one's a gem. Contrary to many other people I like Janick and the first album he played on, No Prayer For The Dying. I always thought of it as an Iron Maiden album in a Ramones-Manowar style; simple, straightforward, and short, but still full of that Maiden trademark sound. This video of their first secret gig for the album, featuring one of my all time favorite Maiden songs-Public Enema Number One--proves it. Leather jackets, bare stage setup and just pure energy. Naturally, being Iron Maiden, they have much better songs and skill. In all No Prayer feels like an artifact form the past, somehow unmolested. Like when doom meddlers Sleep made their album(Sleep's Holy Mountain) in a vein pre-Black Sabbath, so did Iron Maiden with this album. The result? The rawest LP of NWOBHM cuts ever. Now that's worth spotlighting.

1990- Interview,Wrathchild, Public Enema Number One (09:24)

Friday, August 3, 2007

13 magazine salute to John K (and Ren & Stimpy)

Here's a good lot of magazines dedicated to one of the most important guys in modern animation. Some are pretty skimpy, while some are exquisitely informative(at least click on the ones whose cover is featured). Either way it shows that never, ever, trust executives. They hate you and your cartoon and your friends children. They understand nothing.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Leone Frollo Gallery

I realize that with this gallery and the Gray Morrow picture below, some may think of me as a low rent pornographer(never mind that Morrow did all sorts of comic work ). But, firstly, there is nothing wrong with the nude body; nor pornography, it satisfies a market that is already there(one which I do not employ, I have my relations. I also look good naked--so I have read--). Secondly, Frollo is an erotic artist, which does feature nudity, but no actual penetration. And he is an artist; do you know hard it is to draw and construct the female form? It takes careful observation and educated hands. And that's not even considering the color! So keep this in mind when you look at these gorgeous drawings, and if still not satisfied with these reasons, well. . . even people that call themselves christian get into situations involving the raw flesh in some way(

And now, The Gallery

(note others in ART sections)

Background info: [scroll down till name](extensive and translated from original French)

"Girls" by Gray Morrow

Little big size here:
More Pics:
Background Info: