Thursday, August 2, 2007

Leone Frollo Gallery

I realize that with this gallery and the Gray Morrow picture below, some may think of me as a low rent pornographer(never mind that Morrow did all sorts of comic work ). But, firstly, there is nothing wrong with the nude body; nor pornography, it satisfies a market that is already there(one which I do not employ, I have my relations. I also look good naked--so I have read--). Secondly, Frollo is an erotic artist, which does feature nudity, but no actual penetration. And he is an artist; do you know hard it is to draw and construct the female form? It takes careful observation and educated hands. And that's not even considering the color! So keep this in mind when you look at these gorgeous drawings, and if still not satisfied with these reasons, well. . . even people that call themselves christian get into situations involving the raw flesh in some way(

And now, The Gallery

(note others in ART sections)

Background info: [scroll down till name](extensive and translated from original French)

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