Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Holy Smokers (Iron Maiden secret gig TV special) [video]

A lot of rare vides pop up on YouTube, but this one's a gem. Contrary to many other people I like Janick and the first album he played on, No Prayer For The Dying. I always thought of it as an Iron Maiden album in a Ramones-Manowar style; simple, straightforward, and short, but still full of that Maiden trademark sound. This video of their first secret gig for the album, featuring one of my all time favorite Maiden songs-Public Enema Number One--proves it. Leather jackets, bare stage setup and just pure energy. Naturally, being Iron Maiden, they have much better songs and skill. In all No Prayer feels like an artifact form the past, somehow unmolested. Like when doom meddlers Sleep made their album(Sleep's Holy Mountain) in a vein pre-Black Sabbath, so did Iron Maiden with this album. The result? The rawest LP of NWOBHM cuts ever. Now that's worth spotlighting.

1990- Interview,Wrathchild, Public Enema Number One (09:24)

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