Friday, August 24, 2007

Diamond Head-Live in Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, Nov 21, 1991

Ahh, Diamond Head; the defining name for ultra-NWOBHM devotees(as opposed to band, that being Iron Maiden). They could have been, should have been, and almost were*, the band that hit it huge. But they didn’t. However, they made some great albums in a variety of styles, despite changing rhythm sections a lot. Still, the varied vocals of Sean Harris and the thunderous strings of guitarist Brian Tatler make this concert spectacular. And that’s not to knock drummer Karl Wilcox and bassist Eddie "Chaos" Moohan, these two are hardly swap-logs. And despite not being as metal as they had been in the past --for the most part--the hard rock they espouse here is well crafted and still surprisingly modern.

*Fun fact: At one point Foreigner’s manager came to the UK personally to offer his services. Alas, the band was managed by the Sean’s mother, who responded “Never heard of you”. And so opportunity for the fame they deserved passed them. Pity.

Otherwise, Enjoy!

I-Feels Good (03:16)

II-I Can't Help Myself (03:30)

III-In the Heat Of The Night (04:28)

IV-Calling Your Name (04:04)

V-She Comes Down (03:42)

VI-Sucking My Love (07:00)

VII-Let Me Down Easy (04:05)

VIII-Borrowed Time (05:24)

IX-Run (04:45)

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