Wednesday, April 30, 2008

High school dementia

Art for an unsold show Ralph Bakshi and John K. worked on(and strangely not at all mentioned in the Unfiltered book). Perhaps part of Bobby's Girl?

The secrect spaceman in Bakshi/Kricfalusi's past?

In a recent post, Eddie Fitgerald reveals that Rocket Robinhood, considered by some--including Jerry Beck-- to be one of the worst animated shows of all time.was a big influence on John K. Even as big as Clampett!

In the comments John K. had this to say about the show, when he chatted with Ralph Bakshi;

"It has the greatest theme song of any cartoon.It's like 12 songs in one. And it actually works, unlike Tiny Toons and Animaniacs.

How do you like that rocket on Little John's belt?

There were 2 seasons. the first season was by Shamus and that's the one I like.

The characters are cornier looking, like Clutch Cargo- sort of half cartoon-half realistically but drawn by people who couldn't draw realistically or cartoony.

Ralph (my hero) ruined the show when he took over for the 2nd season, because he made the mistake of adding quality to it.

He brought in serious talented comic artists like Gray Morrow to redesign it, lay it out and make it not look so campy. His heart was in the right place, but it was just much funnier when it was corny.

I was working on the Harlem Shuffle one day and Ralph called me into his office to shoot the crap (a daily ritual).

He had his huge fist wrapped around a bottle of whiskey or something and I could tell he was a bit stewed and in one of his mellow sentimental moods.

He wanted to talk about his adventures in the cartoon world. He talked about his Terrytoons days with much nostalgia, Fritz the Cat, Mighty Heroes and then I innocently asked, "Yeah, all that's great Ralph, but what about 'Rocket Robin Hood?'"

Holy crap. Ralph spat his whiskey all over me.

"What the F@*#$&?!!!" He flew out of his desk and looked out the door into the hallway to see who was listening. Then he slammed it and pulled his chair up close to me, sitting backwards in it.

His gargantuan head was an inch from mine and his eyes squinted. I could feel his hot whiskey breath melting my eyelashes. Dust mites leapt to their death.

He grabbed me by the shirt and said "What the f**k do you know about Goddamn Wocket Wobin Hood, asthhole?"

"What else do you know about me, you little punk? You follow me awound everywhere don't you?"

Then I told him all the reasons I thought it was a great show and how proud he should be to have his named on such a classic of Canadian culture.

It never dawned on him that it was funny. When he realized that, he tossed his head back and started guffawing at the top of his lungs until I thought he was gonna choke to death.

After he settled, he loaned close again and said "You kill me, Belushi. What the f**k else do you know about me thmart guy?

Do you know the story about me being chased across the Canadian border by mounted police?"

The story has to do with Rocket Robin Hood and is worthy of being added to our great animation legend. Maybe I'll tell the story on my blog sometime.

I also met the "creator" of Rocket Robin Hood - Al Guest, who is another real character. So many stories."

Very amusing, and an eye opener in the relative id of both cartoonists.

This is also the perfect chance to showcase an episode of the '69 Spider-Man show,which Bakshi also worked on, that borrowed heavily (or rather, ripped of) entire scenes from the show. Definitely trippy, and overcomes the stilted animation and somewhat bland human design.

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ballade (by Moebius)

Another superb piece of work by Moebius. I'm nit sure where it's from(I'm guessing Heavy Metal) but thanks anyway scans_daily.

And thank you, Joe, for the labels help. Much appreciated.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little humor

This is a random panel I came across, supposedly a commentary on Akira but also the audience of comic books. It's rather handsomely don by Bill Wray, from Mad Magazine and Ren and Stimpy. Done for Marvel and uploaded by scans_daily.

Freakies Commerical

You may or may not have seen this commercials before, but here's something you didn't know: the one and only Preston Blair animated these commercials Yes, the same man held high for teaching the $100,000 animation course animated these bizarre little monsters. The dancing scenes are sure to ether load you with sugar-induced glee or scare you beyond belief. Which will it be?

Alex Nino Art

(My favorite of the lot, more seen [and enlarged] here)

A slew of good drawings at the reliable "Joe Ackerman (why isn't his blog awash in traffic, it couldn't be for lack of good girl art ) reminded me how much I really love Alex Nino's work. He was such a great fantasy artist who had an ample amount of detail which somehow never seem superfluous. He would have been great on Wizards(maybe even with Ploog, whom he worked with before).

How do you get the tags on the right? I really want to do the same but can't figure out how.

Monday, April 21, 2008

And now, some Modesty Blaise

(Click to enlarge)
A bit of history here
Thank you, scans_daily

Bonus: Nude Pin-Ups

The Complete "Comic Book" (by the Spumco Crew)

Many modern audiences (including some who comment on this blog) wonder what happened to variety in comics. Where is the romance, the animals, where is the funny(the comic in comic book)? Perhaps no decade was more homogenized than the the 1990's (still my vote for worst comic decade) with it's foil covers and Image-wannabes. It is therefore all the more amazing that in this dark period, a real funny comic, aptly called "Comic Book" would bring some of that good old jazz back. Now don't consider this mere nostalgia, like their cartoons the Spumco crew take the techniques and ideas of the older generation and update it with modern fears and desires. So, with no further ado (thanks to Fresh Meat) here's:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Benedict by John K. (in the style of Hitchock-Truffaut)

You saw the art of John K. , now see his philosophy (thought the help of arglebargle!) , as he questions his idol and one of the greatest cartoon's of all time. Ed Benedict.

When John K. was young(er?). . .

. . . he was still a great artist.

(Sorry for being so late with my posts, I have had a number of painful circumstances recently. Hopefully I will make it up by doing double duty around here for the rest of the month).

Thanks to Ryan's Neat Stuff Blog