Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alex Nino Art

(My favorite of the lot, more seen [and enlarged] here)

A slew of good drawings at the reliable "Joe Ackerman (why isn't his blog awash in traffic, it couldn't be for lack of good girl art ) reminded me how much I really love Alex Nino's work. He was such a great fantasy artist who had an ample amount of detail which somehow never seem superfluous. He would have been great on Wizards(maybe even with Ploog, whom he worked with before).

How do you get the tags on the right? I really want to do the same but can't figure out how.


Weirdo said...

I like Alex Nino's artwork as well. I have an issue of Eerie that contains his work. It looked incredible, but I need to read the story.

joe bloke said...

with regards to the tags: in all honesty, fella, i don't remember. i'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants with this, just set up and clicked a few things to see what would happen, and ended up with the page as it is. if i suss it out, i'll let you know! yep! that's how rubbish i am!

once again, thanks for the heads up!

joe bloke said...

hey. me again. if i remember rightly, it's just a matter of going into your layout to ADD & Arrange Page Elements, and then just dragging your Labels or Tabs to where you want to put them on the page. might be that the Template you've chosen won't allow dragging to the right, but give it a try, anyway. cheers!

joe bloke said...

oh, yeah. you might have to select Labels from the Add Page Element area in the same Add & Arrange Page Elements section. there. sorry about scribbling all over your page there, rainer, but that SHOULD be all.

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