Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The lighter side of Frazetta

Mention Frank Frazetta to anyone in the know, and they gush about his depictions of Death Dealer, wish they had more walls (only three or four) to put up his paintings, or silently curse that his phenomenal E.C. comics work like Squeeze Pulp(which feels somewhat similar to parts of the latter Bakshi film Hey Good Lookin') was so few in number. Hell, speaking of Bakshi, they wax negatively and positively --both equally valid to an extent-- about his film collobration with him, Fire and Ice.

But one thing you never hear--and probably because they didn't know-- is his great funny animals drawings. What, they say, the man who made Conan the Barbarian an icon drew wussy rabbits and other creatures that are best left eaten. Well, they are tasty animals, but beautiful and well constructed, and with more humor and humanity to them then most of the genre. More Bugs Bunny than Thumper. And believe it or not, this is what the real Frazetta is. Or so the man himself claims. Checkout for yourself, and decide.

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Weirdo said...

Just like his paintings, Frazetta always put life into everything he drew. He puts modern cartoonists to shame.