Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused

Bit of a misprint here, suppose to say: "Steve hit me again, until I was dizzy. It was the 23rd time. I swore it would be the last."

I'm been watching a lot of 80's horror films recently and some of the Fridays films popped up. All I can say is stick to the original(which is actually Jason-less and quite good) and the well done, tongue in check Part VI. In celebration of that I present a one shot from wildstorm. It's not that well written, but I think you'll agree it is well drawn, which is what primarily matters in a comic. I often wonder why cartoon appeal and horror isn't combined, and this comic (drawn by Andy B) makes a strong argument the reverse should be true. And hey, it shows I don't hate modern comics, just the bad ones that pop up today.

From scans_daily,


joe bloke said...

way cool!

lucas accardo said...

Hi, I'm Lucas comic book lover and amateur artist from Argentina, i really appreciate your blog. Lot's of nice to great stuff and HD scans which i love.
I only have to disagree in one thing though,in my opinion the good writing is actually the most important thing in a comic book.