Monday, June 16, 2008

One's brief history of Bakshi

One of the most beautifully written remembrances of Ralph Bakshi I have ever read, detailing how his animated classics (Coonskin, Wizards) were truly the work of a talented artist that are distinctively of his time, yet simultaneously timeless. Bravo, Arik Roper.

Thanks to Amid of Cartoon Brew for the scan

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Weirdo said...

I first read this at Cartoon Brew when they posted it. I love it even more the second time I read it. I'm also glad that Bakshi got a book honoring his work. I mean Disney could hardly draw, and he has book after book written about him. He truly deserves it. By the way, great post. That guy's illustrations were excellent. Very reminiscent of the underground comics he studied. His Fritz looks like he took a bad acid trip and never recovered.

How do you attach a link to a word, like you did with Cartoon Brew and the illustrators name?