Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monster Rally (by Jack Davis)

A memorable drawing by Jack Davis, for a novelty record of the same name. Certainly puts most "serious" records covers to shame. This is also an example of, however you view mp3s and itunes, cover art has certainly gone downhill over the last decade. This looks horrible on cd and would be not existent thanks to today's downloading. Some advancement.


Weirdo said...

Great picture. I'm glad I actually own a record player. If I can find this, I could play it. Jack Davis truly is one of the masters of cartooning. I want to see more CD covers like this, with the masterful art that easily attracts the eye. Thanks for posting.

joe bloke said...

wow. that's terrific. i miss album covers, a lot. it's a pretty much dead-in-the-water art form now, isn't it? great pic.