Sunday, August 17, 2008

Awesome indeed

This is a test.

The animated show and the toys were never as cool as this.


joe bloke said...

indeed! what is it? you mention a show & toys?

you know, the only thing that could make this even more awesome thanit already undoubtably is would be a nearly nekkid chick. with a gun. a really big gun. or a monkey. a monkey ninja. with a lightsabre.

Weirdo said...

My guess is Digimon. I've seen a creature like the T-Rex on that show.

Rainer said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention what the picture is about. It's for this line of toys(with the requisite promotional animation show) called Dino-riders. The toys were ok and the tv shows bland, but the art on the front of the box was amazing.

This is the biggest image I could find. It just so happened it was with the so-called inspirations motto; where someone takes a picture and makes an attempted humorous comment.

More information on Dino-riders here: