Sunday, September 27, 2009

Most Dangerous Music (by Hironobu Kageyama)

This might be the flimsiest excuse for a post I have ever had. This is really only the soundtrack for an anime, but I do like it so. The actual anime is enjoyable, if completely over the top ridiculous. Definitely for people who think modern anime characters are too petite and especially for those who love the road warrior(which of course includes me).

guarantee you will have a hard time forgetting what little English there actually is in this song out of your head. There's no real reason for liking it, it's just awesome rock-synth that is totally 80's. And from Japan no less! Preposterous, yet so delicious. (Incidentally, this is not the order presented in the anime, quite the opposite; and, yes, the middle is instrumental only).

Edit: The singer in these songs (the one whose combination of English and Japanese is so delightful) is called
Hironobu Kageyama. I assumed he didn't do anything else but apparently this was his first of many songs for anime. And he has his own band of other vocalists. Hmm. Neat. Checkout more info here.

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