Sunday, December 6, 2009

Turk (live 2008) by High on Fire

Continuing to show good, recent musical talent (yes it does exist, just doesn't get much attention).

Of High on Fire fellow fan ribos had this to say (of their latest album and of them in general):

"It's too fast to properly be doom, not fierce enough to be thrash, too sludgy to be traditional heavy metal (in the vein of Motörhead), but too rocking to be sludge/stoner metal. High On Fire sits somewhere in this nebulous, not-really-defined realm where they lack any notable qualities to push them into a specific genre... and normally such a case would sound like a confused gobbledegook of influence worship.

But this is different. This kicks ass."

I'm not sure I could have said it better myself. They are clearly inspired by several different ideas and styles, but are not slaves to them. This is just solid craftsmanship and dedication, by people who put out albums to please people and doesn't cater to one band member's ego. Make no mistake, they are impressive musicians(they also have unusual gear, guitarist Matt Pike has a nine string guitar and drummer Des Kensel has an 30% larger drum kit). I honestly can't think of better trio, in any genre right now. Correct in the comments if wrong.

PS: they are also great for putting on while drawing, especially if you like to draw fantastical creatures like those form "Wizards".

Bonus: Blessed Black Wings

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