Monday, February 1, 2010

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures-Afterthoughts and constructive criticism

No complaint on the show, awesome.

So awesome in fact that I wish that every episodes had commentary, more than just the two. All except one of my favorite episodes get no commentary love, and don’t touch that dial deserves one.

Now the documentary is two-fold: if you are new to this show this is probably more than enough. If, however, you are a raging consumer of animation history and a big Ralph Bakshi fan (like myself) this documentary is still great but kind of a big tease. Nevermind the fact that I wish it was at least an hour long. In it there are interspersed footage of a PBS special (extract seen here) an amateur recording of behind the scenes from one of the cartoonists, and other sources, none of that is included on the DVD. I know people hate overlapping info or footage, but damn it, I don’t like being told what I think is interesting or not. Include it.

Also, there is mention on the commentary of cut footage and different mighty mouse theme songs and it isn’t here either. I don’t begrudge the people who did the DVD, they probably had little money. I’m more annoyed as the people who gave little money to spruce up the DVD.

However, this is all trivial with the fact that this show is on DVD, and I can enjoy it and show it to my friends and they enjoy it. So with that in mind, slight frustrations aside, thanks guys for putting this awesome show on disc.

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Eric Noble said...

I too am a huge Bakshi fanatic who loves nearly everything that has to do with him (except Cool World, but that's a different story).

I'm just glad that they at least brought this show out. Maybe, if sales are good, we might see The Mighty Heroes out soon. It's a dream.