Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pyragony by Com Truise

Both the A and B side from the new-ish (and free) single by the electronic synth artist Com Truise (not a typo), a favorite artist of mine to put on in the background and zone out and do work to. So, no qualms about spotlighting him in the off again/ on again new music showcase.

Perhaps some are annoyed at music not made by people in a band with instruments, and while I definitely do favor the former, this is some chill tunes indeed. Check out his website where you can see the above single, his free ep (or conversely, expanded and better sounding priced re-release, which is well worth it I assure you) or his many remixes, many of which are excellent.


Com Truise | Melting Circuits since 1985™

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