Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Iron Maiden [Heavy Story of Metal Episode 2 British Steel]

The whole episode is fine, but as much as I occasionally enjoy the work of Judas Priest and Van Halen (and their influence is undeniable) it's the music of Iron Maiden that really does it for me. Did I say music? I meant everything about Iron Maiden, the music, the albums covers, the songs, the vocals, guitars, drums, the bass (Steve Harris is the best metal bassist ever)--everything. Perfect band at perfect time too.So watch from 11:00-26:02. It's some of the best documentary footage ever, craftily edited and eye opening. It destroys all the lies and bullshit about Maiden, in reality they are not Judas Priest imitators (more evil in fact) their paying is highly skilled yet raw and emotional, and Eddie and their gestures are cartoony and vaudevillian and over the top, but it works perfectly. Everything is readable and, more importunely, fun. This why they are a band with fans around the world. Just watch this hugely enjoyable fifteen minutes, which also includes Neal Kay,Geoff Barton, and the music scene they help foster and Iron Maiden typify: The NWOBHM.

Remember, 11:00-26:02
The rest is just how bands like Zeppelin were killing rock(and how!).

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