Monday, July 16, 2007

Monster Blog (w/Kirby Monsters Never Reprinted)

[Above Image by Steve Ditko, one of many featured monster artists, all else by Jack Kirby]

And now for something completely different. Well, not really. It's just that I've lavished words upon an talented writer, so I consider it appropriate to say something about an impeccable artist: Jack Kirby. More known for his dynamic superheroes, this former animator turned legend also did some great monster stories reprinted here. Be sure to note that while a majority of them are on . . . Never Reprinted Page, there are also many other great covers and stories hidden elsewhere.


And now for a bit of humble pie. When I first saw Kirby, I didn't like him. At that point all I knew was the "pretty, realistic" formula set up by Disney, and any deviation--and Kirby does so wildly--I snubbed my nose at. I guess I did so to give myself a sense of superiority, which as wrongly deserved. In recent years, thanks to the words of Jim Smith and others, as well as personnel mind expansion, I have come to see what a great, innovative, cartoony and manly artist Kirby was and is. So I ask, can you forgive me my youthful indiscretion, King? Will ya?

Thanks, pal.

(P.S.: All covers can also be seen at, in bigger sizes too).


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