Sunday, November 11, 2007


Why couldn't the Marvel comic be as good as the poster? Ridiculous, since a former Marvel Talent --the great Mike Ploog--designed most of the puppets and such. Not even the covers for the comic are good.

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joe bloke said...

fantastic site you've got here, sir. i was lucky enough to meet mike ploog last year when he was signing at my local comics shop. while he was there, simon bisley turned up with some stats of the coloured pages he was working on with mike ( and a bowie knife ). they were beautiful, although mike ribbed simon mercilessly for colouring houses so that they looked like marshmallow. mike was an absolute treat to chat with. he showed me a couple of pages of sergio aragones scripts for the spirit, and topped off the day by doing me sketches of the werewolf and a gorilla from planet of the apes. a great artist and a great guy.

rcubedagain, if it's ok with you i'd like to pop a link to your site on my own VERY MODEST blogger page:

if that's ok with you, please, let me know. if not, well, obviously, let me know that, too.

once again, terrific site.