Monday, March 3, 2008

Remembering Steve Gerber (1947-2008)

I’ve been thinking for days on end how to come up with the right words, the right pros/passages, and the right paragraph(s) to describe Steve Gerber’s talents. And I can’t, although I think I came close in the first ever article I wrote on him (check the subject links). I never knew the man, only his work. Therefore, I can only speak as a fan. All good writing has a goal to create material to read for pleasure, and on that front Steve Gerber wrote spectacularly. Yes, he wrote in a medium rightly controlled by the visual storytellers, but he worked magnificently with those craftsmen; never subtracting, only adding. The seventies is still my overall favorite decade for comics, and Gerber was THE man of the seventies. Go buy any his works and see why. The only thing I would like now is that all the loose ends of his writings (phantom zone, foolkiller, and misc.) get presented in a trade paperback form, so others can see his skill.

Other perspectives:

1) His own words: The infamous 1978 interview

2) A sample of his body of work (covers only)

3) His peers/colleagues memories:

If you have anything to add please do so in the comments, I will be glad to highlight them.


Weirdo said...

I have The Essential Howard the Duck and I'll be sure to read it. I saw a Howard the Duck comic strip and his writing was hilarious, and Gene Colan's artwork just blows my mind. You can find the strip at The Comics Journal website. it's from the interview they did with Steve after he had beeen fired from Howard. It's really cool. I suggest checking it out.

Weirdo said...

P.S. He will be missed.